Could you tell if someone needed help? Would you know what to do?

This live, interactive, online training by the International Seafarers' Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) will help participants to recognise early signs of crew who may be struggling and develop the skills needed to respond effectively.

Upcoming dates

ISWAN does not currently have any open access training sessions scheduled, but you can express your interest using the enquiry form here. Future training dates will be led by demand so please get in touch with ISWAN if you would like to participate.

Why choose this training?

All of ISWAN's courses are:

  • Designed by Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr. Pennie Blackburn, author of the ISWAN Good Mental Health Guides and Mentally Healthy Ships: Policy and Practice to Promote Mental Health on Board
  • Informed by ISWAN’s extensive experience of supporting seafarers through the unique challenges they face
  • Delivered by experienced mental health professionals
  • Grounded in best practice for promoting good mental health at sea
  • Suitable for seafarers in the Merchant Navy and superyacht industries

Who is it for?

ISWAN's trainings are ideal for those who have roles supporting seafarers, such as shoreside staff, Wellbeing Champions, chaplains, welfare workers, and insurers – as well as crew themselves. The trainings are inclusive of different cultures and nationalities.

What modules are available?

Module 1: Introduction to Mental Health

Builds an awareness of mental health and wellbeing, addresses stigma and common myths, and introduces a better understanding of the language and terminology around mental health and psychological wellbeing.

Module 2: Recognising Signs and First Response

Builds on Module 1’s introduction to mental health awareness, develops participants’ capacity to recognise signs and symptoms of crew members who may be struggling with their mental health, and introduces the use of Psychological First Aid (PFA) as a framework for initial response.

Module 3: Suicide Prevention

Provides a more advanced level of training to those who have completed Modules 1 and 2 and would benefit from a greater understanding of suicide awareness, risk and prevention.

What have others said about this training?

‘I learnt so much about mental health and being aware, looking out for signs of distress. The great thing is that this information can be used for seafarers, work shore side and one’s personal life’ – Personnel, Master Yachts Consultancy

‘Personally, I found the course illuminating and thought-provoking and hope that it will help me manage my own mental health as well as making me a better colleague and insurance professional’ – Personnel, MHG Insurance

‘The training was engaging, informative and has started a lot of conversations in house! I think we are all better equipped to recognise when someone needs help, whether that’s crew, colleagues or ourselves’ – Personnel, MHG Insurance

Contact ISWAN

To enquire about private training for your company or organisation, or to express your individual interest in future training sessions, please complete ISWAN's enquiry form here.

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