Taking care of crew wellbeing isn't just the right thing to do, it makes good business sense. A happy and healthy crew will be more productive, more engaged and better at their jobs.

As a leader on board or ashore, it can be difficult to know how to support the wellbeing of crew. Here you can find details of ISWAN's Mental Health Awareness training course and materials to help raise awareness of Yacht Crew Help.

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Maritime Mental Health Awareness Training

This training is designed specifically to address mental health at sea, adapting best practice for mental health awareness, early recognition and response for a seafaring context.

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Mentally Healthy Ships

A guide providing shipping companies and ship operators with information to help devise and implement mental health policies and practices to promote and protect seafarers’ mental health.

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Psychological First Aid

Psychological First Aid provides a straightforward model to recognise when you or someone else might be struggling and how find to find help.

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Promoting Yacht Crew Help

Find a number of materials to raise awareness of Yacht Crew Help so that crew know where to find help, any time of day or night.

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