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What to look out for

Fraudsters looking to take advantage of crew may have a number of different objectives ranging from identity theft to financial theft.

You should be particularly cautious if any of the following apply to your recruitment process:

  • Any requests for payment in return for work, including payments that may be disguised as registration fees or medical costs for example
  • Receiving unsolicited job offers by email
  • Poorly written job adverts with spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar

It is always good practice to seek professional advice about a job offer if you have reason to be concerned or if this is your first role on-board. If you are using an agency, ensure they are MLC compliant - this should be noted on their website along with their MLC statement.

If you're concerned about anything that could relate to a recruitment scam, Yacht Crew Help is here for you 24 hours a day.

The following organisations can help ensure you identify a fraud before it’s too late and they might be able to help if you do become a victim of fraud through a recruitment process.

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