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Contractual disputes

The complexities of the maritime industry can leave crew vulnerable to employment related issues so it is advisable to seek expert advice before signing a new contract.

To help avoid contractual disputes you should ensure the following:

  • You have signed a written employment contract before joining the yacht
  • You understand all of the terms in your contract before you sign it
  • No important information, such as details of wages, is missing from the contract before you sign it

In addition to the above measures, joining a union can be a good way to ensure you have added protections in place just in case you find yourself in a contractual dispute at any point in the future.

Unpaid wages

If there has been a delay in the payment of your wages, it is important you act quickly. Disputes over wages can become more complicated the longer you leave it. You should also make sure you are familiar with the terms of your written employment contract and have access to a record of your working hours since joining the yacht.

If you haven’t been paid according to the terms of your contract, contact Yacht Crew Help and we will do what we can to assist you.

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